Minutes for Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Minutes for Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Alief Super Neighborhood # 25 held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, November 30, 2004 at 7:00 P.M. at the
CenterPoint Energy Building, 12330 Bellaire Blvd.

Chairman Dan Hrna called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M.

A Pot-Luck Dinner was donated by attendees. Drinks were donated by Ray Moon. Greg Gonzales and Bobby Moore
delivered desserts donated by Kroger at Kirkwood & Bissonnet to the meetings. Thanks were expressed to all who
contributed for their support of the ASNC and the Alief community.

Roll Call of council followed (See attached.)
Seating of new Council Member: Financial Groups Representative, Bonnie Su.

1. Marie Lee: to seat Bonnie Su, from Central Bank, as the Financial Groups Representative. Seconded: Ray Moon.
Council voted. Motion Passed.

2. Ray Moon: to accept the minutes as presented. Seconded: Dave Williams. Council voted. Motion Passed.

3. Ray Gibb: That the ASN support and serve as the community partners to the Youens Elementary School (with in
the Alief ISD) in fulfillment of the requirements to seek, qualify, and receive revenue through the Investment
Capital Fund, Cycle # 14, funded and sponsored by the TX Education Agency, effective December 14, 2004.
Johnny Tates will serve as the council’s representative with this program. Seconded: Michael Manning —.
Council voted. Motion Passed.

MARK ELLIS, CITY COUNCILMAN-AT-LARGE, Position 1 – answered questions which had been submitted to him
prior to the meeting:
Dist F is park poor, there is no money to support parks (even if land is donated);
Contact Mayor Bill White and Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack regarding Inter-Local Agreement for Alief
Community Park;
If problems with 311 call Pat Trehan in Mayor White’s Office. If a contractor does work on a property, they are to remove
the Heavy Construction Trash;
As an At-Large Rep. he must view issues from a global, city-wide perspective rather than just a single district concern
(pensions, home-land security) ;
Harris County will be taking over the jails;
If Proposition 1 & 2 both hold, it will have a negative affect on the city’s bond rating.

ERNST McGOWEN Jr., from COUNCILMAN KHAN’S OFFICE: – Neighborhood Protection has been issuing tickets
for heavy trash violations since Nov. 15; Work on the International Business District is continuing; Petitions regarding
interest in the program have been sent to the property/business owners from Synott to Gulfton to be signed; Please see
him if you would like free tickets for a city council supported Holiday Varity Show to be held at the George R. Brown
convention Center on Dec. 18 at 5:00

PhD – A prepared information packet was given to each ASN council member. The grant is to bring fifty thousand dollars
to Youens (Y.E.S.) for teacher training. It requires the support of a community group. Johnny offered to be the
representative between Y.E.S. and the ASNC

BY-LAWS COMMITTEE – Henry Williams reported that last month (Oct.) the committee had submitted a by-laws
recommendation which had been accepted to become effective in November. Chairman Dan Hrna requested the issue be
held for the Jan. meeting. By-laws chair, Ray Gibb, suggested possible further consideration of the exact terminology.

TAX EXEMPT STATUS – Dan Hrna reported the application was ready to be mailed.

PARKS COMMITTEE – Michael Manning reported two 8 AM untill Noon tree plantings are planned. The first is on Dec
4, in Alief Community Park. About 200 volunteers are expected, adults are needed. Helen Poole is meting with the city
parks dept to mark trees for the planting. The second one, Paul Fikac reported, will be on Dec.11, and is an Eagle Project
for 2 scouts. Trees will be planted in the natural area, Chinese Tallows cut down, and trash picked up. The Knights of
Columbus will serve hot dogs.

BUSINESS BREAKFAST – Marie Lee reported the Nov. breakfast was a success. 64 guests attended in spite
of the downpour that morning. The next breakfast will be in February. The committee welcomes volunteers to
help plan it.

HEALTH FAIR – Anne Williams reported the next meeting will be Wednesday, Dec 1.

SNAP COMMITTEE – Ray Gibb reported the committee has met and is separating 311 issues from SNAP
issues. The next committee meetings will be at 6:30 PM on Dec 2 and Jan 6 at the Alief YMCA. The report
will be presented at the January meeting.


MR. JOHN LAZARINE, – CenterPoint Energy Employee was presented with a certificate of appreciation for all
that he does each month preparing the meeting room for us and staying late to lock up after our meetings.

SUBSIZISED HOUSING MEETING– Dan Hrna reported that Dionne Roberts, from M.J. Khan’s office, called
him and is still investigating the actual intentions of the proposed development.

UPCOMING SPEAKERS – DEC. no meeting. JAN. – SNAP report will be presented.

LIBRARY – Librarian, Rebecca Hubert, reported Dec will have the regular library programs, plus two new ones for

RAY MOON expressed his Thanks to the council for the 2003 SNAP committee and their help to get STOP signs in Old
Alief., to Johnny Tates for help with the traffic on High Star, & to all who brought food for the Pot-Luck Diner.

CHET MACHEN – introduced himself. He is a supervision officer from Harris Co. Adult Probation Dept. 713-755-2053

The next ASNC meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. on the fourth Tuesday, January 25, 2005, at the CenterPoint Energy
Building, 12330 Bellaire Blvd.

Minutes approved on _____________________

Respectfully Submitted
Henry Williams, Secretary