Minutes for Tuesday September 26, 2017


OPENING: The regularly scheduled meeting of the Alief Super Neighborhood Council was held on September 26, 2017 at the Alief Community Center. Chair Barbara Quattro called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  The first order of business was the Treasurer report from Doug Smith.  The ASNC currently has a balance of $884.26.

Chair: Barbara Quattro Vie Chair: Noreen Smith Treasurer: Doug SmithSecretary: Jesus Zamora.


-Richard Vela, Assistant Director of General Service for the City of Houston was the guest speaker. He reported on the proposed $495 million multi-service center. It will be a unique project for the City as 3 departments have come together to collaborate on the plan to develop our Alief Community Center.  He reviewed the proposal and elaborated on the importance of Proposition C.  It will be on the ballot this November 7th.  The campus will include a 2-story building including the amenities of Library, meeting rooms, basketball court, weight room, offices for City Services and a swimming pool. Community input tentatively scheduled for  April 2018. Current building will be taken down as in poor condition.  Plan is to start construction in the spring of 2019 with expected completion winter of 2021. Architects are required to submit qualifications as part of their bid to be selected. Currently 16 Contractors and 20 Architects have expressed interest. Flood control  discussed to prevent any future flood problems. Richard emphasized that the new campus will try to conserve trees and green spaces within the property. Finally, residents are urged to continue reaching out to CM Le to be an active advocate for the Alief Community Center in the District F community.

Alief Crime Update:  Houston Police Captain Mike Faulhaber at the Westside Command reported to residents on current crime numbers in Alief.  Post Hurricane Harvey, Alief  residents received praise from outside law enforcement agencies on the manner Alief came together with relief efforts to help them and other residents.  Outside agencies expected looting and abuse with the storm stress but officers were greeted and treated as guests. Appreciation was expressed for all the food and extra toaster ovens and toasters supplied by the citizens to the Westside Command Center.


  • October 14th IMD Fall Festival on Beechnut at Dairy View.
  • October 24th ASNC & International District host annual Alief I.S.D. Candidate Forum at Hastings 9th Grade Center on Cook Road.