Minutes for Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Minutes for Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alief Super Neighborhood # 25 held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, May 26th, at 7:00 P.M. at the CenterPoint Energy Building, 12330 Bellaire Blvd.


Chairman Michael Manning called the meeting to order at 7:08 P.M. and requested cell ringers be turned off. In addition, he requested a minute’s silence in memory of ASNC Secretary, Henry Williams, who passed away. Anne Williams, alternate, conducted the Roll Call of council members. She announced a quorum was present. (See attached.)

Hospitality: Donated by Alief Super Neighborhood. Thanks were expressed for their support of the ASNC and the Alief community. A thank you certificate was presented to Dorothea Pindell.

INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: Donald Perkins, City Planning Dept., introduced Shane Gao new planner assigned to Alief area; Boy Scout Troop 1113 (Notre Dame), Catherine Le (Immigration, U. S. Congressman Al Green’s office); Veronica Hernandez (Mayors office Liaison); Pat Davis (Alief Lions Club), and the following candidates for city council: Joseph Chow (30 year ex-city planning dept.), Peter Acquaro, Carolyn Duer


L’Tisha Michaels: To seat Anne Williams (S.A.V.E. Alief stakeholder) and Tiffany Sims (Medical Services Provider stakeholder) on the Council. Seconded: Anthony Le. Council voted, motion passed.
Susan Castro: to adjourn the meeting. Seconded: Anne Williams. Council voted, motion passed.


CHAIRS REPORT – Michael asked Pat Davis to report on the District cleanup. 86 people volunteered. Michael also provided results of an Alief website survey regarding the area.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Barbara Quattro noted that the current balance was $3368.25. Bills to pay include the PO Box and domain website name.

ELECTIONS / NOMINATING COMMITTEE – L’Tisha Michaels reported that the paperwork was presented and is in order for the following board positions: Anne Williams for the S.A.V.E. ALIEF position and Tiffany Sims, from West Houston Medical Center, for the MEDICAL SERVICES PROVIDER position. See above.

Anne inquired about the role/process of the Nominating Committee (not in the bylaws) vs. the Elections Committee (which is in the by-laws). The secretary has always certified the paperwork for members to be seated on the council Michael stated he was referring to the Elections Committee, whose job it is to encourage stakeholder groups to send representatives to the ASNC. He is trying to include more people in the work of the council, so he wants this committee to take over that job. His concept is that they receive the paperwork, determine it to be in order, and make the nomination. He acknowledged that the ASNC does not have strict formality/rules in the process. A secretary will be nominated, by the committee, at the next meeting.

SECURITY/ INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT DISTRICT – Brian Burks stated here will be a crime meeting June 29th.

ALIEF COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION – Paul Fikac announced a planning meeting for the Alief Parade. There was replacement of trees taken down in Hurricane Ike. The quarterly Business Network Breakfast was held May 5th at 7:30 AM at the Southern News Building.

TREE PLANTING – Paul Fikac reminded us that there will be a need for watering trees this summer. Volunteers are needed on a weekly basis.


v Assistant Chief. Dorothy Edwards, HPD, South Patrol Command. Mrs. Edwards has been with Neighborhood Protection and the North Patrol Command. She has a criminal justice degree. She introduced two officers:. Ramos and Barber of the Westside Command Station. Mrs. Edwards thanked the ASNC for inviting her. She has 32 years with HPD, and only recently was transferred to the South command. She noted that despite the economy, the increase in population and the decrease in manpower, overall, both violent and non-violent crime is down. She also mentioned that the computer system HPD works with has been upgraded to provide real time and historical data on crime patterns in given areas. She complimented the mayor and City Council for their support and the success in recruiting new cadets for the city. The Federal government has also provided funds for additional academy classes for next year. In the past few years, there was large attrition without replacement. Mrs. Edwards expressed her support of the current Police Chief, Hurt, explaining that when a new mayor comes in, he could be replaced. Questions were addressed from the floor, one particular concern being the day laborers, who hang out at the local Home Depot waiting for jobs with contractors. Officer Barber presented crime statistics. Burglaries and robberies are up in Alief. He requested people to contact HPD with information they may have regarding possible criminal activity at Westside.tips@cityofhouston.net.


UPCOMING SPEAKERS – June: HPD Capt M. E. Lentschke, Westside Command Station, and M.J. Khan, Dist F City Council Member. Kim Mathes will be doing a session on Health care in July.

Public Session and Announcements.

v Catherine Le announced Al Green’s office has openings for students to work in the summer.

v Michael read a proclamation certificate provided by Al Green’s office acknowledging and honoring the services of Henry Williams to the Community and his country.

v Susan Castro announced the school board has two open positions. Call the administration building at 281-498-8110 x 2100 for information on filing. Elections will be in November

v Barbara Quattro announced another intersection/median cleanup (including trimming trees) Sunday June 6th in front of Alief Community Park

v Anne Williams announced the S.A.V.E. Alief Health & Civic Resources Fair is scheduled for August 15th, at Alief Middle School on Cook Road. The first planning meeting was today and the next meeting will be the fourth Tuesday in June, the 23rd (before the ASNC meeting), 5-6:30 PM. Location to be announced. People are encouraged to sign up in advance for the MD Anderson blood drive.

v Anthony Le announced the Alief Book Fair, following the Lions Breakfast May 2nd, was a success. Proceeds provide uniforms and scholarships. 100 children received free books, and a $120 donation was made to the ROTC. There will be a party at Thai Bistro June 5th from 1-5 PM for AISD teacher appreciation. 20% of the proceeds will be donated by Anthony to the Alief Education Foundation.

v Paul Fikac announced the Planning meeting for the Alief Parade will be June 10th

v Donald Perkins provided handouts and noted online resources (web sites) for planning department activities such as permitting. He said the city council is currently having open-to-the-public budget meetings

v Michael announced that the ASNC has an annual September Meet the Candidate meeting and will probably do it again this year

v Pat Davis announced the Lions Pancake Breakfast was attended by 70 people and the Lions made $745. They still collect frames & lens for reuse and have drop boxes at IBC bank and the Alief library.

The next ASNC meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. on the fourth Tuesday, June 23rd at the Centerpoint Energy Building, , 12330 Bellaire Blvd.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

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Compiled & Written by V. M. Sugar

Respectfully Edited and Submitted by Anne Williams