Minutes for Tuesday May 23, 2017


OPENING: The regularly scheduled meeting of the Alief Super Neighborhood Council was held on May 23, 2017 at the Alief Community Center. Chair Barbara Quattro called the meeting to order at 6:36 PM.  The first order of business was the Treasurer report from Doug Smith.  The ASNC checking account currently has a balance of $844.21. All website expenses have been paid.

Chair: Barbara Quattro Vice Chair: Noreen Smith Treasurer: Doug SmithSecretary: Jesus Zamora.


  • Hackberry Park investigation has been completed and Harris County Public Health Department concluded that the Zika Virus is not present in Park waters. However, COH will be taking steps to minimize stagnant water in the ponds including filling in one or two of them.
  • Volunteers continue to be needed for a sanding project at Alief Community Park.
  • Soren Valverde, representing CM Le’s office, reported testing of Chromium 6 in the water supply will commence on July 17th.
  • Valverde also reported that the District F office is exploring collaboration with the Arts and Culture Department to approve a mural to be painted on a wall of the Alief Community Center, with a maximum expenditure of $15,000. Since the Alief Community Center is slated to be demolished, some attendees were not in favor of spending funds for this project.
  • Memorial of Vivian M. Sugar, former ASNC Secretary, Alief Community Activist and Brays Village HOA President, was observed.

Alief Crime Update:  Houston Police Captain Mike Falhaber of Westside Command, briefed residents on current crime statistics in Alief. “LICK” gang has been a continuing issue for Alief and elderly car theft is one of the most recent cases reported. Westside Police are having issues keeping these thieves in jail for any significant time since they are considered juveniles. There has been a slight increase in Robbery rates of 4.3% due to the work of this group. Also, Sexual Assaults have increased with many occurring between family members. Business burglaries have gone down 54% due to implementation of a new procedure.  Finally, on the City’s new homeless ordinance, Captain Falhaber gave an explanation on how the Police Department will enforce the No Encampment Rule

Speaker: Priscilla Rios (Legacy Community Health)- Our guest speaker informed Alief Residents on the benefits of Legacy programs. Legacy is one of the few health providers that will see patients no matter their legal status, and assist with patients that cannot pay for treatments/medications. Behavioral health is a focus of Legacy as they look to expand more programs into the Alief Office. Hours of operation are flexible to the public and Legacy is FQHC certified. Many of the doctors are multi-lingual allowing patients to express themselves comfortably and ask necessary questions.

Currently, the Mapleridge location is nearest one for Alief residents. Legacy’s motto is “Health care is a right not a privilege.” All residents are invited to come August 10 to Legacy’s Alief back to School events.


  • Chromium 6 testing July 17th * May 25th
  • IMD to hold District Board Retreat 9:00am 4400 Palm Royale Blvd, Sugarland,Tx 77479.
  • Sanding Volunteers Friday morning 9:00am Alief Community Park.
  • August 10th Legacy back to school event for Alief.