Minutes for Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Minutes for Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Alief Super Neighborhood # 25 held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 7:00 P.M.
at the CenterPoint Energy Building, 12330 Bellaire Blvd.

Chairman Dan Hrna called the meeting to order at 7:08 P.M. Roll Call of council followed (See attached.) A
quorum was met

Hospitality: Donated by Unity Worship Center and L’Tisha Michaels, Religious Groups representative to the

1. Barbara Quattro: to accept the minutes as presented. Seconded: Marie Lee. Council voted. Motion

Chief Lumpkin: -Discussed graffiti and gangs in the City. He applauded ASNC and Mike Rippert for their
efforts in eradicating graffiti in Alief. He explained there are two ways to abate graffiti but painting over with
gray is the easiest and least expensive. There have been 650 properties cited since January. Lumpkin’s efforts
are directed towards identifying, documenting and prosecuting repeat taggers with the support of City Council.
As head of Neighborhood Protection, Chief Lumpkin encouraged the community to call 311. Graffiti tickets
can be written after a ten-day notice to a property owner. Lumpkin reminded the attendees that the amount and
location of tagging can run from a misdemeanor to a felony. The Chief answered questions from the audience.
Topics included heavy trash, 18 wheelers, blocking driveways, unregulated boarding houses, and people
standing on medians selling or begging.

Lt. Kenneth Miller: As the HPD recruiter, this 22-year veteran officer discussed increasing new cadet classes.
The department would like to see 8 classes next year. He asked for members of the audience to inform anyone
they know to be of good moral character who may be interested that HPD is hiring. He is recruiting out of state
and to separating military. He placed business cards and literature out for anyone interested in following up,
and answered questions from the floor, noting that there are many opportunities within the department for
officers to pursue.

Officer Chris Engelhardt: Two programs he is responsible for at Westside Command Station are the PIP
(Positive Interaction Program) and COP (Citizens on Patrol). He explained the purpose of the PIP program,
established in the early 80’s, is to educate the community on crime prevention and to promote collaborative
awareness and cooperation in identifying local crime problems and their solutions. The civic PIP meets the
third Thursday every month at 7:00 PM at police station on Dairy Ashford. All residents are invited to attend.
(Council member Pam Holmes will be the April speaker.) Other PIP groups include Business, Westchase, a
quarterly Apartment Managers, and a monthly city-wide PIP, with the police chief and many captains. Citizens
on Patrol (COP) has replaced the Neighborhood Watch. Residents attend training sessions, then can patrol their
neighborhood and report suspicious activity to the police (set up by the police) as the first line of defense. Signs
are available for the neighborhood. Chris has several COPs and PIPs in Westside, and can be contacted at


CHAIR’S REPORT – Chairman Dan Hrna welcomed new Board members and provided them with certificates
of membership: L’Tisha Michaels, .Chet Machen and Mike Kreinsen. Martha Barrera was ill.

ALIEF COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION – (See Attachment) Marie Lee presented information on the old Alief
Cemetery with 100 gravesites. Marie Lee explained the project to restore/upgrade the cemetery which is now
overseen by the ACA and the new Historic Cemetery Association officers. Karen Loper showed the plan
designed by an architect (Condon & Assoc) to the audience. The project involves tree and bush plantings along
the roadways, cleanups, upkeep of fences, gates, inventory of graves, removal of vandalism, etc. She also asked
for volunteers and donations. Dan Hrna said it was a wonderful project.

1. TREE PLANTING – Barbara Quattro announced her efforts to get the city to donate trees for the Alief
Cemetery. She also repeated the need for volunteers to mulch and water the trees planted on esplanades.
She said watering is scheduled for Wednesdays. There are 2000 assorted hardwood trees available for
donation from the city. She hopes to get them planted on Bellaire. If they are planted there, the city will
water them. Ray Moon asked about adopting esplanades.

PARKS COMMITTEE – Michael Manning reported – Alief Youth Association tree planting and flower bed
planting on Saturday, April 1, on Old Richmond Rd. needs help. Barbara Quattro was able to acquire the trees
for them.

ALIEF BREAKFAST– Marie Lee reported it is schedules for May 9th.

S.A.V.E. ALIEF ANNUAL HEALTH FAIR Anne Williams reported it will be August 5th at Alief Middle
School. The committee is looking for donations and new members.

UPCOMING SPEAKERS – APRIL: City Council member at-large #2, Sue Lovell

Laura Klubert invited the community to the Alief Community Coalition Fun Walk on Saturday, April 8th at 9:30
AM at Taylor High School. It takes place before the YMCA Healthy Kids Day from 10 AM – 1 PM.
Hastings HS received a grant of $1000 for an Art Car in the parade. This will be a tobacco prevention scheme
and they need a car that runs.

Gladys Brumfield – Alief YMCA Golf Tournament, April 10, is looking for players and corporate sponsors.
Lunch is donated. It is held at Pecan Grove Country Club in Richmond.

The next ASNC meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. on the fourth Tuesday, April 25, 2006, at the CenterPoint
Energy Building, 12330 Bellaire Blvd.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 P.M.

Minutes approved on _____________________

Respectfully Submitted
Henry Williams, Secretary


Tuesday March 28, 2006 Marie Lee, 832-492-0031


Alief Cemetery Historical Association Reorganized

(ALIEF) – The Board members of the newly reorganized Alief Cemetery Historical Association
announced Tuesday night at the Alief Super Neighborhood meeting that the Alief Historic Cemetery
will soon undergo extensive renovation.

President of the Board, Marie Lee, said that this project has long been the desire of many in the
community. The cemetery, which is located at the corner of Bellarie Blvd. and Dairy Ashford, is the
final resting place of the area’s namesake, Alief Magee and also has a State of Texas Historical
Marker on it.

“We feel that Mrs. Magee, the other early settlers and others who are buried in the cemetery, deserve
a dignified resting place. This cemetery is a big part of Alief history and it should reflect that

Members of the Cemetery Association board made a short presentation concerning the plans for the
restoration. Marie Lee who explained the legal status of the cemetery and talked about the formation
of the new board.

“A lot of work is going to be needed to level the property before any other work can begin, “ said
board member Mike Rippert. “Thanks to the help of State Representative Hubert Vo we will have a
considerable amount of dirt to make that possible.”

Architectural drawings of the proposed renovations were shown to the neighborhood group by Karen
Loper who pointed out plans for gates and signs in the style of an old-fashioned cemetery and a
walkway leading to the grave of Mrs. Alief Magee.

Barbara Quattro commented about the landscaping planned for the cemetery. “We plan to have a lot
of shrubs in the interior of the cemetery and probably Oak trees around the perimeter.”

The group is planning a fundraising drive to raise money for the project. “We believe that our
neighbors in the Alief area will want to be part of making this historic cemetery an attractive place to
honor those who settled the area,” said Mrs. Lee. “We are picking up where Mr. Howard Hicks and
others who have worked on this cemetery for years left off.”

Those wishing to volunteer to help with the restoration or who would like to make a donation to this
tax exempt organization can call Marie Lee at 832-492-0031 or write to P.O. Box 1712, Alief, TX