Minutes for Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Minutes for Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alief Super Neighborhood # 25 held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, March 23rd 7:00 P.M. at the CenterPoint Energy Building, 12330 Bellaire Blvd.

Chairman, Barbara Quattro, called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. She requested that cell phone be turned off. Anne Williams, Secretary, conducted the Roll Call of council members. She announced a quorum was present. (See attached.). Anne requested people to sign up for the ASNC email list by sending an email to

Hospitality: Hospitality was provided by Thai Spice Bistro. Thanks was expressed for their support of the ASNC and a certificate was presented to Anthony Le.

INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: Al Hoang (District F Councilman); Jane Perez (representative Kristi Thibaut’s office); Herman Segovia (HCC); Catherin Le (Al Green’s Office): Shen Gao (City of Houston); Veronica Hernandez (City of Houston); Dawn Hurd (District F Councilman Al Hoang’s office); Margo Flint, Rosalinda Martinez & Jock Hemenite (2010 Census); Sakina Liang (TX state Senator Rodney Ellis’ office); Marty Morrison and Vicky Brown (Harris County Tax Office); Michael Nguyen (VN Teamwork); Jay Meza (VN Teamwork); Karen Derr (HAPI); Donald Perkins (City of Houston Planning Dept)

1. Marie Lee: to approve the January minutes with one correction. Seconded: Anthony Le. Council voted, motion passed.
2. Anne Williams: to seat April Lord, from West Houston Medical Center, to represent Medical Services. Seconded Mike Kreinsen. Council voted, motion passed
3. Karen Loper: to adjourn the meeting. Seconded: Susan Castro. Council voted, motion passed.

CHAIRS REPORT –Please See Projects/Snap Committee

TREASURER’S REPORT –Monique Pham, Treasurer, reported the current balance is $3405.55. Central Bank wanted to charge a $5 service charge so the ASNC will transfer the account to Tradition Bank.

ELECTIONS/NOMINATING COMMITTEE. Sam Perlin will be resigning from the ASNC. April Lord was seated as Medical Services Provider. A membership certificate was presented to Dr. Jane Perez, who holds the Education Position.


ALIEF COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION – Mike Kreinsen announced the next quarterly small business breakfast meeting on May 4th at 7AM. The third annual parade will be on September 25th and the grand Marshall will be Sherriff Adrian Garcia. The next parade planning meeting is April 7th. Forest Park is donating headstones for the old Alief Cemetery Two eagle scouts will be working on the headstones at St Justine . Marie Lee has been working with U.S. Congressman Al Green’s office to provide a luncheon July 8th for veterans at the Chapel of Eternal Peace/Forest Park..

PROJECTS/SNAP COMMITTEE -.Barbara Quattro and Mike Kreinsen attended two separate CIP meetings in March (for District G and F). Mike reported that the District G meeting at Paul Revere middle school was heavily attended by various groups including Super Neighborhoods. He noted that Westchase wants to create a park at the corner of Westheimer and Beltway 8. The District F meeting was not well attended. They were basically told there was little money available for the CIP requests. He did notice there had been $300,000 (from TXDOT, not the city) on the books for improvements to the Alief Community Park but can’t really negotiate the money trail. Barbara said they requested library improvements/expansiion, widen Bissonnet to six lanes and refurbishing of the trail in Harwin Park. They were told “NO” on all three CIP items. Donald Perkins suggested working through the District F councilman, Al Hoang. Barbara said that District G had 39 requests on their CIP as opposed to District F who had six.

Karen Derr, HAPI. Ms. Derr spoke in lieu of Lance Marshall for the non-profit. Ms. Derr spoke about animal protection/education/welfare through her new group called HAPI. She expressed that BARC euthanizes a huge number of animals despite improvements. There are laws on the books that require a breeders permit to adopt out or sell puppies and kittens. People who do not have a permit need to be reported. Similarly fighting dogs is illegal. She mentioned the need for organizations such as HOA’s to publicize information regarding animal welfare such as low cost spay/neuter. Contact Ms. Derr at HAPI4pets.org

Rosalinda Martinez, US Census Bureau Ms. Martinez encouraged people to fill out the ten question census form. It is the vehicle which allows communities to be allocated monies for improvements such as the library. She noted that many people are afraid to fill in the form or there is a language barrier. They are attempting to educate these people to comply with the law. Assistance is available to fill out the forms. Flyers and other materials were made available to the floor.

Marty Morrison and Vicki Brown, Harris County Tax Office – Ms. Morrison noted that as the population grows in certain areas, the monetary needs grow. Thus the census is very important. There is early voting prior to the April 13th elections which includes bond elections for the HCC and Lone Star College districts. May 8th elections are often called “sleeper elections”, most of which are not widely known about. Harris county is the largest county in the state (and fourth in the nation) yet has the lowest voter turn out. She encouraged people to become informed, registered and vote. She provided written information on upcoming elections. Ms Brown spoke about homestead ,veterans, the disabled and seniors; tax rates and tax payer rights and responsibilities, Phone numbers and email addresses were made available for questions. The reason taxpayers write their checks to the actual tax collector name is because he/she is civilly liable for every tax dollar collected.

Al Hoang, District F Councilman Mr. Hoang talked about the CIP needs of Alief and Houston City budget. He noted that there currently is ongoing road work on Wilcrest. Mr. Hoang believes crime is the major issue in Alief. He asked for support from the Alief community to get their share of money, and would like to meet with the ASNC board to plan for such.

UPCOMING SPEAKERS – Apr.: Neighborhood Protection; May: Public Safety with the Chief of Police;
June:Harris County Commissioner, Steve Radack.

Public Session and Announcements.
 Sakina Lang reported there is an Income Tax workshop at Alief Community Park this Saturday
 Donald Perkins noted that signs are available for the census and block walkers are needed. Census personnel will be available Saturday at the old Sharpstown mall to assist people with the census form.
 Dawn Hurd announced the Local Alief annual cleanup April 10, staging at Alief Community Park at 7AM. A planning meeting was held today before the monthly ASNC meeting
 Pat Davis, Alief Education Foundation, announced a $5 Pancake Breakfast this Saturday at Applebee’s at W Oaks Mall to raise money for the ISD scholarship grants and the clothing pantry
 2010 Annual Census is due by April 1st.
 The May 8th election will include bonds
 Mr. Hoang noted that he will be opening a satellite office for Council District F at the Alief Community Park by May 1st
 Susan Castro announced Alief Clean and Green project will be coming out through the school district in conjunction with the International Management District shortly

The next ASNC meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. on the fourth Tuesday April 27th, at the Centerpoint building. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Minutes approved on _____________________

Compiled & Written by V. M. Sugar