Minutes for Tuesday June 27, 2017



Chair: Barbara Quattro Vice Chair: Noreen Smith Treasurer: Doug SmithSecretary: Jesus Zamora.

OPENING: The regularly scheduled meeting of the Alief Super Neighborhood Council was held on June 27, 2017 at the Alief Community Center.  Chair Barbara Quattro called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  The first order of business was the Treasurer’s report from Doug Smith.  The ASNC currently has a balance of $884.26. $159 to renew the website address for three years was paid in May.


  • Hackberry Park update, chemicals will be added to ponds to assist with Mosquito problems.
  • Volunteers continue to be needed for painting project at Alief Community Center. Contact Barbara to schedule a time you can volunteer to help.
  • Reported testing of Chromium 6 in the water supply will commence on July 17th. Community asked to submit medical survey to City of Houston, to assist with investigation.
  • Alief Diverse Democrats invitation to public on meeting every 3rd Saturday of the month.
  • IMD board approved new Vietnamese Signage. A poll was taken, and no one at the meeting was in favor of the signs. Copies of new signs were given to those in attendance. Soren Valverde representing CM Le’s office asked residents to contact CM office with their opposition to the signs..
  • Jesus Zamora reports on Soccer Match planning between Alief ISD Staff/Students & HPD Officers. Chief Acevedo office has expressed willingness to assist. Residents interested in helping to organize this event were asked to contact Jesus.


Alief Crime Update:  Houston Police Captain Mike Falhaber of Westside Command briefed residents on current crime in Alief. “LICK” gang has been a continuing issue for Alief particularly regarding elderly assaults. Money Laundering issues have arisen in Alief and authorities are combating the issue. Uptick in burglaries was due to thieves targeting Public Storage facilities where each unit has to be counted as an individual crime. Aggravated assaults continue to be an issue primarily within family households. 10-month-old baby reportedly murdered due to gang related issue in the area.  Lastly, Capt. Faulhaber asked residents to write the Police Chief and Mayor to request additional officers from the next cadet class.  The Westside District population is larger than other districts and yet has fewer officers assigned here.

Speakers: Craig Eichorn/Dee Jones: Our guests informed Alief Residents on the many new upgrades coming to Alief Schools.  Expenditures include $6 million to provide a second Gymnasium for all middle schools. Hastings H.S has an improved culinary arts program and digital studio as well as a brand-new restaurant you can dine in that is training future chefs. The auto tech program provides students the opportunity to study under certified instructors giving them hands on experience in this field.  The public is invited to make use of  these services.

A mentor program has been created in schools mirroring Big Brother Big Sister Program.  More than 200 students have enrolled in the mentoring program. Reading is being encouraged in program, including Real Fathers Read where volunteers read to a specific class.  A question came up regarding who selects the books that are read to our children.  Scholastics Books Inc solely chooses the books.  Alief ISD is proud to announce all of these many programs that are being implemented in our schools, giving residents a clear understanding of progress being made.




  • Chromium 6 testing July 17th
  • Painting Volunteers needed for Alief Community Center.
  • August 5th Alief Community Health Fair 9:00am-12:00pm Hastings 9th Grade Center. 6750 Cook Rd.
  • Soccer Planning Volunteers Needed.