Minutes for Tuesday, July 22 , 2014

Minutes for Tuesday, July 22 , 2014

The regular monthly ASNC#25 meeting was held July 22, 7:00 PM, at the Centerpoint Energy Building, 12330 Bellaire Blvd.

Vice Chairperson, Mike Kreinsen, called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Roll Call of Council members was done by sign-in sheet. A quorum was not met (see attached).

GUESTS: Veronica Hernandez (COH Mayor’s office); Catherine Le (Congressman Al Green’s office; Alvin Byrd and Dylan Osborne (COH District F);); HPD Officer Mike Prause; Nord Bullock (HPD); Councilmember Oliver Pennington (District G); Several Judge Candidates and several representatives from local HOA’s. The three judges gave a brief overview of their positions in the races.

HOSPITALITY:–Hospitality was provided by ASNC for this meeting. Hospitality providers are encouraged to volunteer.

• Vivien Sugar motioned to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Marie Lee. Motion passed


CHAIRS REPORT:- Barbara Quattro was absent; however, she reported that Brian Burkes has been transferred from the IMD and ASN Council and will be replaced by Natalie Lacasa and Annie Trinh. In addition, Representative Vo will be sending a new proxy to replace Karen Loper. None of these people attended the meeting. Mike Kreinsen stated that he expects the results of the CIP vote to be revealed at the special meeting called by Councilman Nguyen. Jose Pulido, speaker for METRO, did not attend as planned.

TREASURER’S REPORT –Current balance $1845.53

HPD Officer Mike Prause, Westside:– Officer Prause reported local crime statistics noting that most crime was down for the year by at least 20%..There were only four murders.

Alvin Byrd, Councilman Nguyen’s Chief of Staff:- Mr. Byrd invited all attendees to come to the District F CIP Meeting August 23 at Hastings 9th grade center for a review of the ASNC Proposed CIP items approved this session.

Councilmember Oliver Pennington, District G:- Mr. Pennington introduced himself, noting he will be a candidate for Mayor of Houston next year. He discussed public works including roads, drainage and lack of funds.

Nord Bullock, City of Houston, Illegal Dumping:-Mr. Bullock attended in lieu of Sylvia Brumlow. He said that his office oversees any illegal dumping except for water that is covered by local, state or Federal statutes. His office is ready to set up cameras at especially egregious dumping sites in and around Houston.

UPCOMING SPEAKERS- The following speakers are scheduled:

August Indu Kunepareddy, CenterPoint Energy, Energy Conservation
September Annual Candidates Forum, HCC Bissonnet campus

Public Session and Announcements.
• Bear Creek Community Center is again offering numerous classes including AARP defensive driving
• The City of Houston has planned a back to school fair for city children August 16th
• YMCA has planned a back to school backpack event for city children
• The annual Alief Health Fair will take place August 2nd at Hastings 9th grade center which will also provide backpacks for students
• The annual Alief parade will take place September 20th along Bellaire Blvd.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM. Attendees were encouraged to talk to speakers and guests after the meeting

Minutes approved ____________
Compiled, Written and Submitted by
V. M. Sugar, Secretary