Minutes for Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Minutes for Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Alief Super Neighborhood # 25 held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 7:00 P.M. at the CenterPoint Energy Building, 12330 Bellaire Blvd.

Chairman Michael Manning called the meeting to order at 7:04 P.M.   Roll Call of council followed (See attached.)

Hospitality: Donated by Elsie Smith of Edward Jones Investments.  Thanks were expressed for their support of the ASNC and the Alief community.

Guests: John Hanson, president, AISD board; Shammi Gill, new Alief-Henington Library branch manager; Catherine Le, US Congressman Al Green’s office; Ricci Sanchez, Harris County Hospital District; Adrian Hudspeth, Capital One Bank.

1. Elsie Smith: to accept the minutes as presented.   Seconded: Chet Machen.  Council voted.  Motion Passed.
2. Chet Machen: to approve secretary’s report.  Seconded: Ray Moon.  Council voted.  Motion Passed.
3. Michael Manning: to change the address stated in the bylaws to reflect the new P.O. Box address.  Seconded: Chet Machen.  Council voted.  Motion Passed
4. Chet Machen: To develop a budget from the Finance Committee and the Treasurer. Seconded: Barbara Quattro.  Council voted.  Motion Passed
CHAIR’S REPORT – Chairman Michael Manning presented Kimberly Mathis with an ASNC membership certificate; and Elsie Smith with a Hospitality Support Certificate.  Also discussed: ground and well water, City is moving toward more surface water use, which will decrease subsidence; Cook Rd repairs will probably begin in 2007(no trees will be planted in the esplanades); Money allocated by our Congressman Al Green, for Alief Community Park (ACP) walking trails will take another couple of years to be put to use, apparently the slow progress is normal; and a neglected city owned lot in Huntington Village has been reported to NPD.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Ray Moon reported a balance of $1,859.60, due to recent donations from Capital One of $1,000, and Central Bank of $500. The secretary sent Thank You letters and receipts to both banks.  A bill for brochure printing was paid to Ridgeway’s for $32.00, which is at a substantial discount.  A discussion followed concerning the ASNC joining the BBB in order to be recognized as a credible 501C3 charity, which Ray felt may help us with fund raising.  The discussion was tabled until information regarding the cost and benefits could be reported on by Ray.

BROCHURE COMMITTEE – Barbara Quattro reported 1,000 copies have been printed and some were distributed. Please pass them out to friends, neighbors, businesses, neighborhood groups, etc.

FINANCE AND GRANTS COMMITTEE – Chet Machen reported that due to the complex skills needed for grant writing, our volunteer group does not feel ready for such a project.  The committee is concentrating on raising money from local companies.  Several letters have been mailed, and as reported by Treasurer Ray Moon, some donations have been received.

SECRETARY’S REPORT – Secretary Henry Williams reported that the 2007 & 2008 term Stakeholder Endorsement forms for the following positions have been submitted and qualified:
Seat  2: Business Associations – Ray Moon (Beechnut Auto)
Seat  7: Youth Services Provider – Elsie Smith (Alief YMCA)
Seat  8: Medical Services Provider – Kim Mathes (West Houston Medical Center)
Seat 11: Education Association – Martha Barrera (Houston Community College)
Seat 13: Resident-at- Large #2 – Chet Machen
Seat 14: Neighborhood Area #1 – Marie Lee
Seat 16:     Neighborhood Area #3 -Dave Williams
* Paperwork is still needed for Seat 17: Alief I.S.D.- Johnny Tates.  Mr. Tates will be retiring at the end of the school year and therefore will resign his position on the ASNC board. His replacement has not yet been named.

Chet asked about the number of allowed unexcused absences. The bylaws were read:
Section 7A: Excessive Absenteeism – Two (2) unexcused absences within a 12 month period will be
cause for disciplinary counseling with the Chair.  A third (3) absence will be cause for possible removal.

SNAP COMMITTEE REPORT-   Chet Machen reported that it had been presented to Council member M.J. Khan last night, Monday, Jan. 22, at the CIP meeting for District F. He gave a brief review. Committee members were: Chet, Marie Lee, Barbara Quattro, Henry & Anne Williams
Alief Super Neighborhood Council Action Plan Committee Recommendations, January 2007

Priority    Action Description    Comments
1    Build a Multi-Purpose Center    Need a venue for community services comparable to the County’s Tracy Gee Center
2    Purchase Park Land    Obtain land for city parks and/or preserve/promote neighborhood association-owned parks or pocket parks
3    Traffic Flow    Improve traffic flow (east/west corridors – Alief-Clodine, Westpark Bellaire, Beechnut, Bissonnet, W. Bellfort) during rush hours by light timing and coordination;
reduce left turn intersections;
create additional lanes for right and left turns only.
4    Light Rail    Coordinate with Metro to provide light rail services on east/west corridor
5    Hike & Bike Trails    Encourage cooperation between city and county to develop and build hike & bike trails along bayous
6    Promote conversion of current apartments to retirement communities through tax incentives and funding assistance    Develop incentives to attract elderly into Alief;
Create program to encourage development of medical support businesses, etc.
Achieve state certification for retirement community
7    Promote neighborhood policing    Increase number of officers assigned to a specific area on a permanent basis
8    Drainage Improvement    Inspect and repair system to reduce flash street flooding during heavy rains
Beechnut from Boone to Kirkwood
Belle Park from Beechnut to Hendon
9    Expand present library in size and services by at least 50% or build a new one.  Include WIFI capabilities    The ONE library in Alief serves a population of over 250,000.
*It was noted that the library already has WIFI capabilities
10    Health Clinic    Support development of county health clinic for Alief residents
11    Install playground equipment for the physically challenged    There is no playground in southwest Houston designed for physically challenged children.

COUNCIL ELECTIONS:      Election of Officers for 2007

BY-LAWS – Michael Manning asked that the address stated in the bylaws be changed to reflect the new P.O. Box address.
NEW COMMITTEE – A new committee for Children & Youth was formed and will be staffed by Elsie Smith & L’Tisha Michaels.

HPD TASER USE- Michael Manning reported that City Council member Toni Lawrence asked for ASNC to endorse the HPD use of Tasers.  After discussion it was decided that the council did not have enough information and were not qualified to make such a statement regarding the HPD Taser Policy and use. Therefore the issue was tabled.

TREE PLANTING – Barbara Quattro reported that Sat. Jan 27 there will be a major community wide tree planting at the Will Clayton Parkway.  Sat. Feb 3 will be a tree planting at Harwin Park. Mayor Bill White will be there to plant one of the 15 gallon trees that his wife has donated for his birthday.  A total of two hundred trees will be planted. M.I. Swaco Co is sponsoring this planting and may adopt the park. This is the last scheduled planting for this year. Please come and help.

CEMETERY- The work continues. Please help or donate money. The Houston-Galveston Council is interested in Houston environmental issues and is donating several large trees for the Cemetery.

ALIEF BUSINESS BREAKFAST – Marie Lee reported it will be Tuesday morning Feb. 13, from 7:30-9:30, at the Knights of Columbus Hall, at 11611 Beechnut

VIETNAMESE-AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE- – Chet invited all to attend a luncheon this Saturday, Jan 31, at the Kim Son Restaurant at 11:30. Mayor Bill White will speak at 1:00. Chet is now Vice-President of the chamber.

LIBRARY FOCUS MEETING- Michael reported it will meet tomorrow evening, Jan 24, to discuss library needs. He can not attend, and would like a volunteer to take his place.

LIBRARY – Librarian, Rebecca Hubert, has been promoted, and introduced the new branch manager, Shammi Gill. Beginning Feb 5 AAPR tax help will be available for low income seniors.  Laptop computers are available for use in the library for 2 hour periods.  Check for library movie times.

CITY REPORTS: Veronica Hernandez, from the Mayors’ Citizens’ Assistance Office announced her southwest office is now open, at the new Southwest Service Center, 6400 Highstar, 77074, (PH-713.778.6504) near Rookin.

UPCOMING SPEAKERS – Feb 27 meeting- B3 (Be Real! Be Safe! Be Cool!) A Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program, starting in Alief, sponsored by Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services

Kimberly Mathis – West Houston Medical Center is celebrating Heart Month and will offer fasting Cholesterol tests with lipid profiles for $10 on Feb 13th and 15th from 7 – 9 AM.

Karen Lievre –On Feb 7, at IBC Bank at 6:30 PM the YMCA will begin their annual PARTNERS CAMPAIGN to raise money for scholarships for Alief children for after school care.

The next ASNC meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. on the fourth Tuesday, February 27, 2007, at the CenterPoint Energy Building, 12330 Bellaire Blvd.

The meeting adjourned at 8:46 P.M.

Minutes approved on _____________________

Respectfully Submitted

Henry Williams, Secretary