Minutes for Tuesday February 27, 2018


Chair: Barbara Quattro Vice Chair: Noreen Smith Treasurer: Doug Smith – Secretary: Jesus Zamora.

OPENING: The regularly scheduled meeting of the Alief Super Neighborhood Council was held on February 27, 2017 at the Alief Community Center. Chair Barbara Quattro called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Treasurer Doug Smith reported a balance of $3,056. The January 2018 minutes were approved as written.

Alief Crime Update: West-Side Command Police Capt. Mike Faulhaber presented a report of crime in the Alief area:

· Burglary of storage units is driving up statistics because each storage unit is considered a separate crime.

· Jugging continues at or near banks on Bellaire

The Captain reminded everyone to be aware of their surroundings always. He also expressed his frustration with the Harris County DA’s office who have been letting suspects out on very low bonds despite the number and/or severity of their crimes.

Other Announcements:

· ASNC Officer elections will take place at the March meeting. People interested in the positions were invited to apply.

· The Empty Shelter Project will be held at the Alief Community Center on April 21. Animals will be spayed/neutered/chipped at no cost on a first-come, first-sever application process. This event is asking for volunteers for the set up (Friday), breakdown (Sunday) and day of the event (Saturday).

· A Farmer’s Market is held on the second Saturday of the month at the Alief Community Garden in the 8400 block of Dairy View from 10 am until noon.

· The annual Kite Festival will be held in April at the garden site on April 14, 2018

· There will a CIP meeting on March 1st at the Alief Community Center. The format for this year’s event will be different in that there will be no public input.

· The City of Houston is seeking resident input concerning changes to Chapter 19 of the City Ordinance. This chapter deals with elevations of homes to prevent flooding in the future.

· Low Income Housing will be built near Synott Road but the ASNC will not give input since it will not affect Alief ISD schools

Guest Speakers: Stephanie Ferrante and Chris Archambault (Community Association Institute).

Attorney Chris Archambault gave an overview of Property Owners Association Law. He told attendees, most of which belong to a Homeowner’s Association, that to enforce policy, governing documents must be filed in the County Real Property Records (Texas Property Code 202.006(b). As HOA officers, Mr. Archambault stressed knowledge of and/or adherence to the following:

· Know your governing documents

· Meetings and Voting

· Deed Restriction Enforcement

· New Rules/Ordinances

Other points covered:
Deed Restriction Violations

· Deed restriction violations lawsuits must be filed within four years

· Consider severity of violation and potential cost

· Consistency v. common sense

Dealing with Difficult Homeowners

Proposed Changes to City Ordinances regarding boarding homes and lodging facilities

· Federal, State, and City laws supersede homeowner rules/regulations

· New laws will require

ü Annual permitting

ü Certificate of occupancy

ü Annual life safety inspections

ü Framed beds

ü Annual background check for owner/operator

ü Fire evacuation plan with accessible fire extinguishers, operating smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors