Minutes for Tuesday, February 25, 2008

Minutes for Tuesday, February 25, 2008

Alief Super Neighborhood # 25 held its regularly scheduled meeting on
Tuesday, February 25, 2008 at 7:00 P.M. at the CenterPoint
Energy Building,
12330 Bellaire Blvd.


Vice Chairman Dave Williams called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
Secretary Henry Williams conducted Roll Call of council members (See
attached.). A quorum was met.

Hospitality: Donated by County Judge
Ed Emmett. Organized and delivered by
Ray Moon. Thanks were expressed for his support of the ASNC and the Alief
community. Ray noted that Judge Emmett
was instrumental in helping to stop the Highway 6 overpasses.

present included: Rebecca Hubert (Houston Library Department); Greg Myers (Republican
candidate for State Representative Dist 149), Dawn Hurd
(city council member MJ Khan’s office); Tina Tran (TX Senator Rodney
Ellis’ office); Tanya Sawyer (City Planning & Development dept. for
Alief); Chris Fisher and Lisa Johnson, (Houston Parks Dept.); Veronica Hernandez
(Mayor’s Citizens’ Assistance Office); Capt. Richard Gerstner (HPD/Westside);
Donald Perkins (City Planning & Development dept.); Melba Martin, (HCC).


1. Dorothea
Pindell: to accept the November minutes as presented. Seconded: Ray Moon. Council voted.
Motion Passed.

2. Mike
Kreinsen: to seat Dr. Steiner on the Board, as the AISD representative.
Seconded: Dave Williams. Motion passed.

Mike Kreinsen: to adjourn the
meeting. Seconded: Jane Perez. Council voted. Motion Passed.


Command Station, gave an abbreviated review of Alief Crime statistics. He noted a grant that enables HPD to go into
apartment complexes to enforce zero tolerance, and increase officer presence in
the area. Other grants are enabling HPD
to increase their efforts to fight crime and get community input. Robberies are up 5%, non violent crime was
down 11%, and home burglaries were up 7%
Capt Gerstner provided a web site to report suspicious
activities/burglaries/vehicles at www.westside.tips@cityofhouston.net. HPD will do a criminal history on material
reported on the net vs. tips reported by phone.
Burglars are hard to catch. He
said a lot of money is spent in high crime areas. He opened the floor to questions. Issues raised included people soliciting from
medians, police reports/case numbers, crime in progress, gang problems.

THE HONORABLE HUBERT VO. – State Representative Hubert Vo
reported that the overpasses on Highway 6 are officially no longer on the
drawing board. In the near future a
flyer will be mailed to state same. TX
DOT will provide a forum to discuss Highway 6 mobility and safety. He noted that there will be an attempt to
bring money back to Highway 6 for safety improvements. The International Management District will
become more active including hiring of architectural and marketing consultants,
as well as.working with the community on festivals/holidays. The residential tax rate was reduced for
2007. Rep. Vo is working to reduce
commercial property tax caps. He
expressed concern over unfair small business taxes which are based on gross,
not net, sales. Anne Williams requested
that Rep Vo introduce a bill to require candidates for school board positions
to pass a background check. Currently background checks are required for those for
those working or volunteering in schools, but school board members are not
subject to that law. Since they certainly volunteer in schools shouldn’t
they be held to the same standards?

LISA JOHNSON, Parks Department,
presented a concept called Playgrounds without Limits, for children with
disabilities. One such playground is in
the planning process and will be installed at the Alief
Community Park. The first Houston
site was at Memorial Park. Anne Williams
asked about what programs were going on at the park. Ms. Johnson also mentioned bike trails


Chair, Dave Williams, per Chairman Michael Manning’s request, Dave has
spoken to members of the by-laws committee and the school district regarding
putting a student on the ASNC board.

Moon reported the bank balance was still $3549.70.

STAKEHOLDER NOMINATIONS – Secretary Henry Williams
reported paperwork has been submitted for Dr Stoerner to be seated as the AISD
representative. The following positions
on the board are unfilled: Youth Services, Social Services, Chamber of
Commerce, and Resident-at-Large # 2.

reported the next meeting will be March 17th. The major project is the Old
Alief Cemetery
revamp. Many volunteers have helped with
improvements, but more will be needed.
Major capital expense will be the fence.

ALIEF LIBRARY – Rebecca Hubert, Houston City Library
representative, reported ongoing programs at different locations. She also
noted both early voting and tax assistance are currently occurring at the

CITY REPORTS – Donald Perkins
reminded the group about the form for updating Community Associations/ HOA’s officers and contact information. Neighborwoods is
again offering free 5 gallon trees. He
also mentioned the $500 grant from Houston Beautiful


of Houston City
Library System, DR. RHEA LAWSON


A question arose regarding the Houston
Community College system’s
interest in annexing Alief.
Representative Vo responded that the community has opposed taxes in the
past. Before it can be put on the
ballot, there needs to be discussion with ISD and other community associations
to weigh the benefits. Mention was made
of the new location on Hayes Road
and the various programs offered.

The next ASNC meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. on the fourth Tuesday, -March
25th, 2008, at the CenterPoint
Energy Building,
12330 Bellaire Blvd.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 P.M.

Minutes approved on _____________________

Compiled by Vivien Sugar, Appointed Assistant Recording Secretary

Edited and Respectfully Submitted by

Henry Williams, Secretary, Alief Super Neighborhood Council