Minutes for Tuesday April 24, 2018

Alief Super Neighborhood Meeting
Minutes for Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

The regular monthly ASNC #25 meeting was held on April 24th, 2018 at 6:30 PM at the Alief Center on Bellaire Boulevard in Kirkwood.
PROGRAM: Chairperson, Barbara Quattro, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Rollcall of council members was done by a sign-in sheet. A quorum was not meet until later during the meeting.
GUEST: Officer Mike Prause, Senator Borris Miles
HOSPITALITY: Hospitality was provided by ASNC for this meeting.
SENATOR BORRIS MILES along with his Communication Director, Justin Concepcion, were under the initial impression that Alief had a very high crime problem. We did advise him that Alief gets a bad rap; the crime is no different here than it is in the rest of the city. Senator Miles stated that he works very closely with the police to correct issues in the district and stress the importance of children getting summer jobs. Senator Miles said that he was able to place 150 children in summer jobs for this year thus far. Senator Miles stated that 7 out of the 10 precincts do not have a judge, and he wants to recruit people for that position. If anyone is interested, they need to contact Tony Milton or Justin Concepcion for direction. Some of the responsibility of the judges are that they monitor, and oversees polling. It is a public servant position. It is another way to be civic-minded. Senator Miles indicates he is going to be more present in our community going forward.
OFFICER MIKE PRAUSE, Chairperson Barbara Quattro, introduced Officer Prause who presented a PowerPoint presentation regarding on how to stay calm and safe during an active shooter event. Some of the points he stated was that, statistically, you will not be a victim of an active shooter. Most situations take three to six minutes for the shooting to be over, response time in Houston, Texas, lights and sirens is anywhere from three to four minutes. The three types of survival mindset are instinctive survival mindset, developed survival mindset and obstacle survivor mindset. He indicated that you need to create your survival mindset as shifting from your comfort zone, establishing sound and logical data in making the right choices in a crisis.
Schools at Alief have an active shooting training for teachers and staff members as well as for students.
There is a video that is put out by Sandy Hook School which you can look up on promise.org and the video is called “Evan on YouTube”.
Some of the things that you should do when shots are fired is to run. Escaping is always the first option. Remove any bright clothing, be unconventional. Break the windows. Consider the options of jumping from the second floor if need be. Remove any heels that you have on your shoes. If you can grab a pair of scissors as a weapon, do so. Leave your belongings behind. Do not wait for others, get out and run. You should always plan where you would hide in case there is an active shooter.
If anybody would like to have this presentation, please contact michael.prause@houstonpolice.org. Officer Prause’s phone number is 832-394-7620. He is located out of the West Side Command Station with the Houston Police Department located at 3203 South Dairy Ashford, Houston, Texas 77082.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Dough Smith reported that we currently have $2,911.80 as our balance.
EMPTY SHELTER PROJECT: Noreen Smith stated that we had 301 animals neutered, spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated for the Alief community at no cost. The event was so successful; they have volunteered to come back. Neutering and spaying this many animals, will keep approximately 1,800 unwanted animals off the street.
ELECTION RESULTS: Barbara Quattro, Noreen Smith, Dough Smith and Cynthia Young
UPCOMING SPEAKERS: Next month we will have Councilman Steve Le present a PowerPoint slideshow and take questions concerning his involvement in the community.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:30. Attendees were encouraged to attend the next meeting as it was very important having our councilmen present.

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Cynthia Young