Minutes for Tuesday April 25, 2017


OPENING: The regular meeting of the Alief Super Neighborhood Council was held on April 25, 2017 at the Alief Community Park. Chairman Barbara Quattro called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  The first order of business was the Treasurer report from Doug Smith.  The ASNC currently has a balance of $833.79 which reflects payment on the new ASNC web site

Chair: Barbara Quattro Vice Chair: Noreen Smith Treasurer: Doug SmithSecretary: Jesus Zamora.


  • New ASNC Website has been completed and is ready for use.  Everyone is invited to post events and subscribe to the mailing list. (Alieflife.com)
  • Attendees were updated on current debate on Vietnamese signage.  The IMD proposes placing the signs on traffic light poles to the right. The next IMD Board Meeting will be held 04/27/2017 at noon.
  • Painting volunteers are needed for touch up to Alief Community Building as bond is expected to be issued and placed on the November ballot.
  • Continued Chromium 6 research for ZIP Code 77099 in still underway. CM Mike Knox has assisted with getting the City of Houston to do retesting.  The, next meeting is scheduled to be held May 9th at Mata Intermediate.
  • Mike Isermann will be generating report to Barbara Quattro on Hackberry Park. We understand they will to begin fixing pond fixtures soon.


SPEAKERS: City of Houston Engineering Department: Lisa Horton briefed attendees on the process of illegal Signs and billboards within the city. Lisa urged residents to report any violations to 311 by taking pictures and getting location of violation.  The 311 app came up as a means of assisting 311 violations.  There was a discussion of what signs and billboards are within City standards and which are in violation of city code. “Bandit” signs, which are violations, can be removed by residents but caution is advised to residents because traps may be in the sign to prevent competitors from removing each other’s signs. Lisa did make residents aware that signs or billboards that are considered “art” to businesses cannot be regulated by her office.  Billboards are prohibited in scenic districts.  Existing billboards are considered “Grandfathered” and must remain as is. Lisa concluded with their main department number of (832)-394-8900.

Alief Crime Update: Houston Police Captain Mike Faulhaber of Westside Command briefed residents on current crime statistics in Alief. Murder crime rate decreased by 50%, Violent Crime rate has decreased by 22.6%.  A major driver in violent crime is sexual assault which is between people known to each other. Non-Violent Crime is down 8.2%.  A major driver is vehicle theft is due to residents leaving valuables in sight for thieves. Major issue in area is “KUSH” and Meth drugs being sold and used from local Smoke Shop.  Harris County DA office working on keeping offenders in jail to serve appropriate sentences or through the use of ankle surveillance.



  • Chromium 6 meeting May 9th Mata Intermediate, 6:30 pm.
  • April 29th Community Spring Fling- Sponsored by Council Member Mike Knox, from 10am-2pm Alief Community Park and Community Center. “Healthy People, Healthy Pets.” Giving families the chance to interact with many city services also to be aware on pet wellness, learning about public Safety as well as healthy habits. This event is free and open to the public.
  • May 7th Community Clean Up Cook and Bellaire 8:30 am start at CVS.
  • IMD meeting on signage April 27th at 12:00pm, 11360 Bellaire Suite 960 Houston, TX 77072.