Meeting Minutes for Tuesday May 28, 2019

Meeting Minutes for May 28, 2019

The regularly scheduled meeting was convened at 6:35 pm by Barbara Quattro in the Alief Community Center. Board members present were Ms. Quattro, Chairperson, Noreen Smith, Vice Chair, Douglas Smith, Treasurer and Cynthia Young, Secretary. Motion made and carried to accept the April meeting minutes.

Guests: Captain Faulhaber, Westside Command Center, At- Large Councilman #1 Mike Knox and At- large Councilman #3 Michael Kubosh, Johnny Vo with US Censes, and Special Guest Dr. Alan Steinberg.

A special thank you to Dr. Alan Steinberg, PhD. Associate Director of Rice Center for Civic Leadership, for attending our meeting

Alief Houston Police Department Report: Westside Command Center crime statistics for the Alief area were presented by Capt. Faulhaber. There was a 22.8% decrease in violent crime and an overall 40% decrease in the last 60 days. There was one homicide that was a setup with gun fire exchanged. Burglaries have increased from 9 to 30 in the last 30 days. These were associated with storage lots that have been broken into. However, home burglaries are down 20% so far this year. According to Capt. Faulhaber, once these thieves are caught they do not stay in jail very long and then there right back on the street doing the same thing. There was a shooting of a taxi driver that occurred on Kirkwood @ Beechnut. The driver was shot in the leg. There was an attempted carjack @Hwy 59 and Wilcrest.

Treasury Report: Doug Smith announced we have $5,460.21 in the account. We were awarded a $5,000 grant for game tables for the community garden in partnership with Hope Clinic. Once the money is received, we will send Hope Clinic a check.

Program Speakers: Mike Knox At-Large Position 1: CM Knox has been in this position for four years. He advised that he will be re-running for his seat. Mr. Knox campaign is run on Good Judgement, Logic and Common Sense to our City Government. Mr. Knox feels it is important for citizens to know what is going on in our government. He wants to ensure that responsibilities of the city are taken care of such as pot holes, Garage Pickup, City Services. We should be spending on our wants as well as our needs. Mr. Knox is a retired police officer of 15 ½ years and served in the US Airforce for four years.

Mr. Knox advised he would supply us with a letter regarding the requirements about Councilmen living in the district they represent.

Michael Kubosh At-Large Position 3: CM Kubosh has been in this position for six years. Mr. Kubosh has been a Houston resident for 30 years and has fostered 47 children; He and his wife have also adopted one child and

presently have 19 grandchildren. For 25 years he has worked in the Bail Bonds business. Mr. Kubosh was responsible for eliminating the red-light cameras removal. He was of the opinion that they only increase accidents. He wants to continue to support District F as well as be a spokesman for the community.

Both councilmen spoke advised they would assist us obtaining the Cancer cluster Studies/Reports.

Johnny Vo: Mr. Vo is employed with the US Census Bureau 2020. He expressed the importance of everyone to responding to the census, since the response equals the amount of government money we will receive for the community. The actual census starts 3/20/20 with residents receiving something in the mail. You can also complete the census online, by phone, by mail or you will have someone come to your door for completion. There is $43 BILLION projected for projects in Houston, i.e. housing for the elderly.

There is $635 BILLION projected for the entire USA. They are looking for employee’s part or full time. The pay ranges from $19 per hour to $25 per hour. Hiring is starting now and will run through September 2020. The website is



· City Council Meeting June 4, 2019

· Metro Bus – KIDS RIDE FREE

· Shred Day (free) 6-01-2019 @ IBC Bank, Beechnut

· Empty Shelter Project is August 24, 2019

Meeting was adjourned by Ms. Quattro at 8:22 pm

Minutes written and submitted by:

Cynthia Young