Meeting Minutes for Tuesday March 26,2019

Alief Super Neighborhood Meeting
Minutes for Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The regular monthly ASIMC #25 meeting was held on March 26, 2019 at 6:30 PM at
the Alief Community Center on Bellaire Boulevard at Kirkwood.

Alief Super Neighborhood Meeting
Minutes for Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Program; Chairperson Barbara Quattro, called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM.
Roll call of council members was done by a sign-in sheet. A quorum was met. A
Diane Purvis made the motion to approve the January 2019 minutes and was
seconded by Noreen Smith.

Guest: Du Ha Kim Nguyen, Lieutenant Ttm Trometer, Tiffany Thomas, Shari Roos,
Jesus Zamora and Van Huynh.

ASNC Election Nominees: Barbara Quattro, Noreen Smith, Dough Smith and
Cynthia Young were all re-elected for another year.

HPD Lt. Tim Trometer: Chairperson Barbara Quattro introduced Lt. Tim Trometer
who presented the crime stats for our community.

Lt. Trometer was happy to report that during the last 30 days crime was low in our
residential area, but there is still high crime in the commercial and apartment

There was one arrest for sexually assault by a known individual.
Aggravated Assault as a whole was down 30% and 87% of that is in non¬
residential areas. Violet crime is down 30%. There have been no
murders. Theft is up 70%. Lieutenant Trometer stated that Chevy
Tahoe’s seem to be the popular target for vehicle theft,

Tiffany Thomas: – came to visit and announced that she is a candidate for
Council District F seat. The seat is presently occupied by Steve Le. She discussed
over ail safety of the community and affordable living for the community. She also
announced that she was raised and currently lives In the district.

Jesus Zamora; came to visit and also announced he is a candidate for the Council
District F seat. He is looking to better the area as a whole to impact poverty and
the quality of life.

Van Huvnh; with Council Member Le’s office was present as an observer and had
no announcements.

Du Ha Kim Nguyen: is the Voters Outreach Coordinator with the Harris County
Polling Program. She announced that effective May 4, 2019 voters can vote at any
polling location. Voters will no longer be required to go to a specific location as
before. All locations will be open every day from 7 AM to 7 PM except on Sundays
when they will be closed.

Shai Roos: representing the International District’s Livable Center Study provided
a survey for all to complete (see attached). Livable Centers are places where people
can live, work, and play with less reliance on their cars. Livable Centers, with
concentrations of residential and employment, support more trips by foot, bicycle,
transit, or carpool. H-GAC’s Livable Centers program works with local communities
to identify specific recommendations, such as pedestrian and bicycle facilities, that
can help spark the creation of Livable Centers.

The Study is requesting ideas from the community to improve the Alief District. A
slide presentation was submitted with numerous ideas for the community. The
entire presentation can be found on their web-site

Treasurer Report: Doug Smith reported that we currently have $5,637.98 as our
balance. There was a $300 payment for our Web-site.


• How to Paint a Mural Demo, Saturday April 6*� 10am @ the community
center. The paintings will be on plywood and will be displayed in the ASNC
Garden. Theme will be Food.
• Senior Lunch & Learn will be hosted by IBC Bank April 11*� @ 11:30
• Kite Festival April 13’*’ @10am at the Garden on Dairy View. The first 250
people will get free kites.
• CIGNA Sunday Streets, May 19″*

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM

Compiled, Written and Submitted by Cynthia Young, Secretary
Meeting’s approved by Barbara Quattro