Meeting Minutes for Tuesday June 26, 2018

The regularly scheduled monthly meeting of ASNC #25 was held June 26, 2018 at 6:30 PM at the Alief Community Center.
PROGRAM: Chairperson, Barbara Quattro, called the meeting to order at 6:34 PM. Rollcall of council members was done by a sign-in sheet. A quorum was met.
GUESTS: Caption M.J. Faulhaber and Sargent Tavis Parkerson of the West Side Command Center, Lisa Kasianowitz with the Houston Parks Board Outreach.
CAPTION FAULHABER: There was a murder recently in the Dairy Ashford/Bellaire area and two suspects have been apprehended. Both adult suspects had recently been released from County Jail and were in the area walking when they saw a vehicle they could steal because they stated they were tired of walking. One of the suspects held the owner in a bear hug while trying to steal her vehicle. The victim’s keys dropped to the ground during this process. The victim was killed when she tried to stop the two men from stealing her car and was run over. The following day one of the suspects was caught at Denny’s along with the car. The second suspect was found sleeping at a bus stop on Bissonnet. Police don’t think this is gang related but just a crime of opportunity. According to Capt. Faulhaber, both individuals were heartless and showed no remorse. Capt. Faulhaber feels that current video games being played by minors and adults has caused a no value of life effect in our society.
Overall Violent crime is down 15%
Overall Non-Violent crime is down 9%
There were 40 Robberies in the SN25 area over the past 30 days including homeowners being approached in their driveways, home invasions, homeowners taking the trash out to the curb and being robbed. Robbery in apartments, both vehicles and residents, is on the rise. Almost all are by gunpoint. Business owners are a major target for robbery since they deal in cash and many times they are followed to their residence where the robberies occur. Cartels have moved into the area with high amounts of money laundering happening from the many game rooms. The last arrest brought in 3.5 million dollars. Sargent Parkerson stated if you are going to use your garage to park your vehicle, when you are ready to go out of the garage get in the car and LOCK it before you open the garage door then proceed to open your door.
There were 94 Burglary of a Motor Vehicle in SN25 over the past 30 days compared to 77 for the previous 30 days which is an increase of 21%. 77 % of all burglary of a motor vehicle occurred at an apartment complex or commercial area.
There have been two sexual assaults in the last 30 days in SN25. The complainants knew the suspects. A serial rapist in the Bissonnet area, who was attacking women at knife point, area has been caught.
Family violence is a driving force in the aggravated assault category. 63% of the people committing the violent acts are willing to cause harm, not only to the victim, but also to responding officers as well.
LISA KASIANOWITZ is the Outreach Manager for the Houston Parks Board, a non-profit organization. Their vision is having thriving parks in all communities. The Brays Bayou Greenway project design portion is 90% completed for the Hike and Bike trail. The 30-mile trail will run parallel to Bellaire Blvd on the northern side of shopping centers. It will extend from Art Storey Park to Highway 6 using the existing land that runs along the bayous. Completion is projected in 2020. After all the projects are completed 150 miles of bike and hiking trails will be connected.
The Project Funding is $220 million. Of that amount $100 million is from a City Bond that voters approved. The balance of $120 million will be raised by the Houston Park Board.
The Kinder Foundation has an 80-year agreement with the City of Houston for the City to maintain the trails.
There will be 911 markers placed on the trail with identifying numbers to alert authorities of your location if they are needed.
There is a progressive conservation program from planting wildflowers and trees to building and placing houses for birds and bats.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Doug Smith reported that we currently have $4,048.79 in the treasury.
DONATION: The West Chase District Community Fund donated $650 dollars to ASN 25 toward the mulching project at Harwin Park. Other contributors included Zak Miller, Kristopher Ahn and Neeta Sane.
1. Friday 6-29-18 at Harwin Park, 11305 Harwin Dr., Houston, TX 77072. We have 100 kids that have volunteered to come and help mulch the trees in the park. The event will start @ 8 AM and hopefully be finished by 12PM, everyone is invited to come.
2. There will be two meetings for the discussion of the Vietnamese Signs that are on our street signs that list Vietnamese War heroes. The meeting dates will be 6-27-18 and 7-25-18. Both meetings will be at 6 PM at Youngblood Intermediate School located in the 8400 blk of Dairy View. It is important that everyone come and voice their opinion about these signs.
3. The next two meetings for the Super Neighborhood Alliance will be held on 7-9-18 and 8-6-18. Harris County has scheduled a vote on 08/25/2018 to issue $2.5 billion in bonds to fund flooding infrastructure projects
The meeting was adjourned at 8 PM.
Meeting’s approved by: Barbara Quattro
Compiled, Written and Submitted by Cynthia Young, Secretary