Meeting Minutes for Tuesday July 24, 2018

Alief Super Neighborhood #25

Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The regular monthly ASNC #25 meeting was held on Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 at 6:30 PM at the Alief Center on Bellaire Boulevard at Kirkwood.

Program: Chairperson Barbara Quattro called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Rollcall of council members was done by a sign-in sheet. A quorum was met.

Guests: Caption Mike Faulhaber – West Side Command, Natasha Butler – Alief ISD Trustee, Al Cars – Houston Parking Division, City of Houston, Du Ha Kim Nguyen – Harris County Voter Out Reach and Van Q. Huynh – Chief of Community Affairs from Councilman Le’s office.

Community Project: There has been 100 yards of mulch spread at Harwin Park this summer. The last 30 yards was spread by the Notre Dame Youth Group and the Anita Softball League.

Caption Faulhaber West Side Command – It was reported that in the last 30 days violent crimes were down 11.3% and non-violent crime was down 19%. Two murders were reported. Overall drop in crime for the year was 11.7%. There has been an increase in theft of vehicles and vehicle break ins which have been occurring mostly in parking lots.

The Gang “Jack Boys” has a recruiting area located in the apartment complex at 10630 Beechnut. They do not have colors that they display but the gang members are proudly displaying themselves on social media.

Capt. Faulhaber reminded everyone to call the front desk of the Westside Station to voice any concerns.

Speaker: Al Cars – Houston Parking City of Houston– Mr. Cars reported that there are only nine employees that work the entire city of Houston on the Parking Committee. Houstonians can report a parking issue by calling 311 or downloading the 311 app.

Parking violators will receive a ticket for the first incident. On the second call out for the same incident they will have 24-hours to move the vehicle and a ticket. The third call out on the same vehicle will result in the vehicle being towed and impounded. Tickets are $40 for illegal parking.

Some of the rules pertaining to subdivisions are as follows:

* No vehicle larger than a standard truck with a trailer is allowed in the subdivision. (Delivery trucks are allowed).

* A vehicle can be towed if the driveway is blocked.

* A vehicle can be towed from a No Parking Sign area.

* A vehicle cane be towed, fined and impounded if it is parked less than 30 ft. from a stop sign, 20 ft. from a cross walk or 15 ft. from a hydrant.

Natasha Butler – Alief ISD – Ms. Butler announced the official opening of the new Alief Advance Career Center located at 12160 Richmond Ave. The public can take a tour of the new building on Thursday July 26th from 4:30 to 6:30PM.

Du-Ha Nguyen – Harris County Voter Out Reach – A reminder was given for the election on August 25th for the $2.5 billion Bond Election.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Doug Smith reported that we currently have $4,128.51 as our balance.

UPCOMING SPEAKERS: Next month the speaker will be Richard Vella from the City of Houston, General Services Department. He will be reporting on progress design for the Multi-Service Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00. Attendees were encouraged to attend the next meeting.

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Cynthia Young