Meeting Minutes for September 2021

Meeting Minutes for September 28, 2021

The regularly scheduled meeting was convened at 6:30 pm by Chair Barbara Quattro . Board
members present were Ms. Quattro, Doug Smith, Treasurer and Cynthia Young, Secretary.

Motion made and carried to accept the August 2021 meeting minutes.

HPD Representatives Commander Reese Hardy, Lt. Johnathon Lui, Officer Tim Whitaker and
Sgt. Tavis Parkerson

Houston Police Department Report: Westside Command Center crime statistics for the
Alief area were presented by Officer Tim Whitaker.

Road rage remains out of control. ATM awareness is essential. Theft of catalytic
converters is a high target from automobiles, both personal and commercial. The
DRT is still waiting for compliance for the businesses in the KirkwoodBissonnet

Treasure’s Report: Doug Smith announced we have $14,322.74 in our account.
Program Speakers:

HD Chambers Alief ISD Superintendent discussed the upcoming 2021 Bonds and their
advantage to the community.

Na’Shon Edwards, District F, CM Tiffany Thomas office.
1. National Night out will be 10521. Please let him know if your community is hosting
an event and they will come to it.

2. Neighborhood Matching Grant Program deadline is 11521

3. End of year annual report will be in early November.

4. They will be adding a new constituent to District F office.
Meling Lin Harris County Tax Assessor:
There is a free 45 minute Harris County Tax workshop which is now online.

Bruce Fulin:
Harris County Committee to reduce or control animal control. Please see his web site:

ASNC Project List:
Empty Shelter Project 10221

Advised of the current drive to raise funds and awareness to plant trees in the
community. Upcoming planting on Kirkwood and Bissonett

Cleanup in Harwin Park

Meeting was adjourned by Ms. Quattro at 8:00P.M.
Minutes written and submitted by:

Cynthia Young, Secretary