Meeting Minutes for October 2021

Meeting Minutes for October 26, 2021

The regularly scheduled meeting was convened at 6:30 pm by Chair BarbaraQuattro. Board member Cynthia Young, Secretary, was also present.

HPD Representatives: Officer Tim Whitaker and Sgt.Tavis Parkerson
Houston Police Department Report:

Westside Command center crime statistics for the Alief area were presented by
Officer Tim Whitaker.

Summary: Road rage remains out of control. Theft of automobile
catalytic converters continues to be a high target. There will be a free
event in November to have your converters etched at the Alief Career
Center. The next PIP meeting will be 111621 @ Westside.

Statistical Summary:

Violent Crime down 2.55%

Nonviolent Crime down 13.8%

Burglary of Homes down 2%

Burglary of Buildings up 50%

Burglary of Vehicles up 18%

Theft of Autos up 30 %

Murders down 75%

Sexual Assaults down 77%

Aggravated assault down 10%

Guest Program Speakers: Dimitri Karavias
Mr. Karavias presented an update on the progress of the new Multi Service Center
with overviews of the 37acre site from the main entrance on Bellaire Boulevard to
the skate park and tennis courts. The completion date is scheduled for May 2022.

Na’Shon Edwards, District F, CM Tiffany Thomas office
NaShon introduced the new representative for our district, Johnathon Johnson. Mr.
Johnson formerly worked in Rep. Shelia Jackson Lees office and other (county)
areas. The trash in District J remains a concern. Two sites were visited last week
and City inspectors sited them.

Veronica Hernandez: The trailer is still parked on the corner of Alief
Clodine/Houston Center Boulevard and looks worse every day. The owner continues
to fight the city as to the legitimacy of the location. METRO will conduct a survey.

Candidates for the Alief ISD Board of Trustees that were present were given three
minutes each for a presentation.

ASNC Project List: Barbara Quattro
Advised of the current drive to raise funds to plant trees on Bissonnet, Kirkwood
and Dairy Ashford.

Meeting was adjourned by Ms. Quattro at 7:55 pm
Minutes written and submitted by:

Cynthia Young, Secretary