Meeting Minutes for October 2020

Virtual Meeting

Meeting Minutes for October 27, 2020

The regularly scheduled meeting was convened at 6:34 pm by Barbara Quattro via Zoom meeting. Board members present were Ms. Quattro, Chair, Noreen Smith, Vice Chair, Doug Smith, Treasurer and Cynthia Young, Secretary. Motion made and carried to accept the September meeting minutes.

Guests: Officer Tim Whitaker and Commander David Angelo, Westside Command Center, Councilman Sally Alcorn, Long Nguyen, District F and At- large Council Member Position 3 Michael Kubosh, Johnny Vo with US Census.

Alief Houston Police Department Report: Westside Command Center crime statistics for the Alief area were presented by Officer Tim Whitaker. There was a 21.% decrease in violent crime. Guns have been recovered at numerous locations in our area. The streets were, Dairy Brook, W, Sam Houston Bellaire Blvd and Beechnut. There was a murder on Sharpcrest 10-25-20 that involved family members. The dispute was over social media.

Treasury Report: Doug Smith announced we have $6,513.85 in our bank account.

Program Speakers:
At Large Council Member Sally Alcorn: There is a new program that the Council Member is sponsoring called Adopt a Storm Drain. The city spends approximately $13 million a year to clean storm drains. She is also chair for a new Noise Compliance Ordinance. Changes need to be made to the current ordinance.

Sarah Robinson with the Public Works Department. Ms. Robinson discussed the new program How to Help and Protect the Houston Pipes and Awareness Outreach program for the City of Houston. Sewer overflows can hurt our pipes as well as our health and water system. Some of the damages are blockage in the pipes caused by oils, fats and grease. She is looking for recruits to help with the campaign.

Long Nguyen, District F: Mr. Nguyen discussed several activities that are happening in the community. Two projects are in process with CIP funds. Free covid testing at Crump Stadium, 12321 Alief-Clodine from 8 AM-4 PM. There will be a ceremony for the upcoming ground break for the new multi-service center, date to be announced. There is a push for youth to be involved in a five hour conference on Black Lives Matter. A Breast cancer awareness video will be in the new newsletter.

• Volunteers needed for Tree Trimming on the esplanades on Kirkwood from Alief-Clodine to Highstar on 11-1-20

Meeting was adjourned by Ms. Quattro at 8:01 pm

Minutes written and submitted by:
Cynthia Young, Secretary