Meeting Minutes for May 2022

Meeting Minutes for May 24, 2022

The regularly scheduled meeting was convened at 6:32 pm by Alan Steinburg via Zoom. Board members
present were Doug Smith, Treasurer and Cynthia Young, Secretary.
Alief Houston Police Department Report:
Westside Command Center crime statistics for the Alief area were presented by Officer Tim Whitaker. Crime
statistics are as follows:

• 5% increase in violent crime • 31% decrease sexual assault
• 7% increase aggravated assault • 21% decrease home invasion
• 31% decrease invasion on buildings • 7% decrease theft of an auto
• 3.5% increase theft from an auto • 6.3% decrease non-violent crime
There were eight murders in the community in 2021 compared to 4 in 2022 at this same time of the year.
Kent Clingernman, Harris County Precinct 4: There will be summer movie nights in the County parks and
advised attendees to check the Precinct 4 website for details.
Luci Correa Sr. Staff Analyst and Jessie Rose Staff Analyst, Houston Parks Department: There is a $8.1 million
budget of to be divided among five different City parks for improvements. Two of the parks are in our district:
Boone Park, located at 7700 Boon,e and Hackberry Park, located at 7777 Dairy Ashford. Mr. Rose discussed
their mission and vision for improvements at both of these parks. They were unable to provide a timeline at
this time.
Sylvester (Skip) Reeder, Houston One Voice: This 501(c)(3) origination is trying to have the landfill located at
Beltway 8 and W Belfort utilized to stop the flooding in SW Houston and the surrounding bayous. There is
approximately $100 million for the project.
Dwain Nared, Sr Health Director of COH: The Health Department will have a location in the Alief Multiservice
Center. It will include a focus group, support classes, working 12 month prevention program, exercise class,
and a Type @ Diabetic program.
Meeting was adjourned by Alan Steinburg at 7:48 pm
Minutes written and submitted by:
Cynthia Young, Secretary