Meeting Minutes for March 2021

Meeting Minutes for March 23, 2021

The regularly scheduled meeting was convened at 6:35 pm by Barbara Quattro via Zoom. Board members present were Ms. Quattro, Chairperson, Noreen Smith, Vice Chair, Douglas Smith, Treasurer and Cynthia Young, Secretary.

Guests: Officer Tim Whitaker and Lt. Timothy Trometer, Westside Command Center, Councilman Sally Alcorn Long Nguyen District F, and Alyce Coffey, Solid Waste Department.

Alief Houston Police Department Report: Westside Command Center crime statistics for the Alief area were presented by Officer Tim Whitaker. There will be a PIP meeting Thursday 3-25-21 via zoom. Crime statistics are as follows:
7% decrease in violent crime
50% decrease in murder
11% decrease sexual assault
16% decrease aggravated assault
53% decrease home invasion
84% increase invasion on buildings
29% increase theft of an auto
15% decrease theft from an auto
4% decrease non-violent crime
7% decrease violent crime

There was one murder in the community, five sexual assaults, 19 burglary of homes or apartments, 42 burglary auto and four aggravated assaults.

Long Nguyen, District F Reported that on 3-29-21 covid vaccines will be open to all adults. Applications are being accepted for all families in need due to the storm/freeze. Rental relief is still ongoing. The West Belfort storm drain, road repair is on target for completion for July 2021. The Vietnamese signs have not been replaced as of yet as promised but hopefully within this next quarter.

Sally Alcorn, Council-at-Large Position 5: She is still working hard on the noise ordinance.

Alyce Coffey, Solid Waste Department: Ms. Coffey reminded us to not place recycle items in plastic bags but to keep them loose in the bin. The current rate of recycle is only 45%. She provided a list of items not to place in the recycle bin. For a full list, see

Tawanda Womack – Sewa International: there is a program available for preparedness for a disaster.

Treasury Report: Doug Smith announced we have $9,158.23 in the account.

Board election – Barbara Quattro, Chair; Doug Smith, Treasurer; Cynthia Young, Secretary; Diana Covazos and Alan Steinberg were elected as co-Vice Chairs. .

Meeting was adjourned by Ms. Quattro at 7:57 pm

Minutes written and submitted by:
Cynthia Young, Secretary