Meeting Minutes for July 2021

Meeting Minutes for July 20, 2021

The regularly scheduled meeting was convened at 6:35 pm by Barbara Quattro at the Huntington Village recreation facility.  Board members present were Ms. Quattro, Co-Vice Chairs Diana Cavazos and Alan Steinburg, Douglas Smith, Treasurer and Cynthia Young, Secretary.

Motion made and carried to accept the June meeting minutes.

 HPD Representatives:  Officer Tim Whitaker and Lt. Jonathan Lui.

Houston Police Department Report:  Westside Command center crime statistics for the Alief area were presented by Officer Tim Whitaker.

Road rage is still out of control in our area. They are seeing carjackings, prostitution, theft of catalytic converters and drugs continue to be on the rise throughout the community. The Victim Service Unit has become very active and effective.  National Night out will be 10-5-21.

Statistical Summary:

  • Violent Crime up 1.3% for the year and 9.64% for the month
  • Burglary of Homes down 24%%
  • Burglary of Buildings up 40%
  • Burglary of Vehicles down 25%
  • Murder up 50%
  • Sexual Assault down 28%
  • Aggravated Assault up 5%
  • Violent Crimes up 5.7%
  • Non Violent Crimes up5%

Treasury Report: Doug Smith announced we have $12,065.55 in our account.

Government Representatives:  Cherrelle Duncan, Chief of Staff for CM Tiffany Thomas’s District F office, Bennie Chambers, COH Planning Department (Complete Communities), Veronica Hernandez with the Mayor’s Citizens Assistance Office, Lawrence Bell with Commissioner Tom Ramsey’s office and Councilwoman Sally Alcorn.

Cherrelle Duncan

  1. A job fair will be held August 14, 2021 located at Alief ISD Career Center from 10 am to 2PM.
  2. All City pools are in the process of being inspected.
  3. Solid Waste Department – they are trying to hire an additional 3,000 with a sign on bonus.
  4. The new 311CRIS program was explained.
  5. The Council District Funds have been increased from $750,000 to $1 million
  6. Free COVID vaccines for 12 yrs. and older are now available.

Bennie Chambers – He is conducting a sidewalk inventory with emphasis on disability entrances.

CM Sally Alcorn – Discussed the Sidewalk Summit. There will be a Zoom meeting 9-21-21 from 5-7 PM

Lawrence Bell

  1. The County will mow Alief-Clodine all the way to the curb through October, 2021
  2. Corrections of draining and grating in Amity Park is projected to be completed in six months.
  3. The County is addressing the trash and homeless people in the area of Kirkwood and Bissonnet with businesses.
  4. The County will ask community residents to take a survey regarding the Senior Center and Indoor Pool.

Veronica Hernandez – The Mayors Back To School Program will be 8-14-21 @ NRG from 8 am to 4pm. This is sponsored by Shell.

ASNC Completed Projects:

Long Nguyen presented suggestions for involvement with parents of the community on cleanups, video shoot and possible radio and TV advertisement.

Cynthia Young- “Hydrate the Officers”.  We were successful in obtaining donations totaling $1,620 which will purchase 18,144 bottles for Westside Command Station.

Alan Steinburg – Hope Clinic Food Pick Up event

Diana Cavazos -The shredding event Saturday June 26, 2021 @ IBC Bank was successful.

The 7/10/21 Clean Up @ Kirkwood and Bissonnet

ASNC Project Up dates:

Barbara Quattro

  • Applied to Apache Corporation for 200 seedlings to plant in the “no man’s land” at the northeast corner of West Houston Center Boulevard and Alief-Clodine
  • The International District is getting bids to provide electricity to the Alief Community
  • Tree plantings – We are looking for additional donations so we can plant 200 trees on Kirkwood at Bissonnet
  • The Empty Shelter Project will be coming to Alief in the fall – probably September or October.

Alan Steinburg

  • Little Libraries, books are needed
  • Huntington Place Easement beautification on going

Cynthia Young

  • Anti-Litter campaign, we have solicited the assistance of Lawrence Bell with the Commissioner’s office as well as the IMD. The Store/Retail Center Owners Accountability is ongoing.
  • Dog Park- Ongoing with the suggestion of CenterPoint Easements
  • Radio and TV exposure – We have requested the help of Long Nguyen to assist us in this area.

Upcoming events


  • 8-14 Clean up location @ Kirkwood and Alief Clodine
  • 9-11 Clean Up – location to be determined
  • Shredding Paper event – November or December

Meeting was adjourned by Ms. Quattro at 7:57 pm

Minutes written and submitted by:

Cynthia Young, Secretary