Meeting Minutes for January 2023

Meeting Minutes for January 24, 2023

The regularly scheduled meeting was convened at 6:32 pm by Chair Barbara Quattro.   Board members present were Doug Smith, Treasurer and Cynthia Young, Secretary.

Guests: DRT Officers Martinez and Nguyen, Westside Command Center; Veronica Hernandez, Mayor’s Assistance Office; Jonathan Johnson, Council District F Office; Jesus Zamora Precinct 4, Commissioner Leslie Briones’s office; and Bricen Whitaker, Representative Lizzie Fletcher’s office.

Alief Houston Police Department Report:  Westside Command Center crime statistics for the Alief area were presented as follows:


·       6.6% increase in violent crime. ·       0% decrease sexual assault
·       17.14% increase aggravated assault ·       12.50% decrease home invasion
·       4.35% increase invasion on buildings ·       34.78% decrease theft of an auto
·       4.48% decrease theft from an auto ·       7.52% increase non-violent crime.

There were 23 murders in the community in 2021 compared to 17 in 2022 at this same time of the year.

Treasury Report:  $3000 is needed to plant the remainder 500 trees. Account balance was not available.

Precinct 4, Commissioner Leslie Briones’ office:  Jesus Zamora, Community Engagement Coordinator Stated that their office is working on a $2 million federal grant which will be used to plant trees in the Alief area.

Bricen Whitaker, Representative Lizzie Fletcher’s office:  Stated that they are exploring the need for funding for a year-round pool that is needed in Alief. They are also helping veterans with the Social Security office.

Veronica Hernandez with the Mayor’s Assistance Office: This office has a “Coffee with the Cops” program, which will be hosted for the next eight weeks. The next event will be on February 8, 2023 at 6:00 pm.

General Discussions:

  • The Alief Super Neighborhood Council needs more participants. Can we do TV, AARP & Newspaper advertisements? Barbara will talk with Dr. Mays about advertisement with the schools.
  • Health Department – 20% of the people in Alief have or have had Covid 19.
  • Leah Wolfthal: Announced her candidacy for City Council at Large 1
  • Holly Vilasecha: Announced her candidacy for City Council at Large 2
  • Tim Luckey – Community liaison for The West Church introduced himself.


Meeting was adjourned by Barbara Quattro at 7:30 pm

Minutes written and submitted by Cynthia Young, Secretary